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Faiz P. Shaheen
Phlip Shaheen, Sr.
George Shaheen, Jr.
George Shaheen, Sr.

Shaheen Law Firm is a Virginia-based law firm providing representation in Real Estate, Employee Relocation, Personal Injury, Traffic and Criminal Law, Estate Planning and Business Law.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality representation to our clients at reasonable costs. Our lawyers and staff are constantly pursuing the appropriate and timely training, education, licenses and certifications in their respective fields in order to provide you the best possible service.

The firm has a statewide presence with offices located in Richmond, Virginia Beach and Hampton, Virginia.

"They taught us the value of customer service."
-Victor A. Shaheen

The Shaheen family has been in the service industry in Virginia since 1921. Our heritage, focus and dedication is to provide exceptional service at reasonable rates. We are a family law firm. Our family values produce a close bond within the firm, which results in added value to you, our client.





Offices: Richmond, VA Virginia Beach, VA Hampton, VA Fredericksburg, VA
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