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Creditor's Rights

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Creditor's Rights


Perhaps the most common legal dispute arises from the collection of monies owed.  Whether the funds due are from a default of a loan agreement, a breach of a contractual obligation or a rental agreement, legal remedies are sometimes necessary to recover the money rightfully due.  Experienced creditor’s rights counsel can help recover collateral, obtain a money judgment, pursue the debtor through bankruptcy proceedings or attempt personal collection of the debt.  At Shaheen Law Firm, P.C., our attorneys strive to provide our creditor’s rights clients with practical, “real-world” advice as to how to effectively and efficiently recover loaned funds in as cost-effective manner as possible.  So whether you are an individual, a large business entity or anything in between, the attorneys of Shaheen Law Firm, P.C. can help with your collection needs.

Our attorneys can provide creditors with the following services:

  • Unlawful Detainers (i.e. Evictions) / Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Suits to Collect Monies Owed
  • Foreclosure
  • Deficiency Judgments
  • Garnishments
  • Debtor’s Interrogatories
  • Motions for Relief from Bankruptcy Stay

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