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Shaheen Law Firm represents people and businesses from around the world. Our practice includes the representation of clients with numerous needs including family based petitions, employment based petitions (immigrant and nonimmigrant), applications for naturalization, removal/deportation defenses, employment authorizations, as well as applications for endless visa categories.


Removal proceedings are initiated once you are given a Notice to Appear. The Notice will require you to appear in court to defend yourself in these removal proceedings. Removal proceedings are formal court hearings and should not be taken lightly. Failure to appear will result in an automatic order of removal, commonly referred to as deportation. While you still retain your constitutional rights during removal proceedings, you are not entitled to a court-appointed attorney, but you do have the legal right to retain one to represent you. The most common defenses in these types of hearings are Cancelation of Removal, Asylum, Adjustment of Status, and Prosecutorial Discretion.

Cancellation of Removal Requirements for Non-Permanent Residents:

  • Living in the United States for at least 10 years with good moral character 
  • Have a United States citizen or LPR resident spouse, parent or child who would suffer exceptional and extremely unusual hardship if you were removed
  • Have no disqualifying criminal convictions


  • Apply for asylum within 1 year of entry to the United States
  • Have been persecuted in another country, or have a reasonable fear that you will be persecuted, due to your race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group

Adjustment of Status:

  • Must have USCIS approve an I-130 petition filed by a relative on your behalf

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Family Based Immigration

United States citizens as well as Lawful Permanent Residents can petition for their immediate, foreign national, family members to become permanent residents. The petitioner, the United States citizen/Lawful Permanent Resident, will sponsor that immediate family member’s admission into the United States without having to wait for a visa to become available once the petition is filed and approved. Immediate family members limited to unmarried children under the age of 21, parents, and spouses. 

Employment Based Immigration

United States companies can sponsor foreign nationals for permanent residency. There are various categories and routes companies can take depending on the company and potential employee. Shaheen Law Firm can help guide you through the various options, and help you decide on what route best suits you and your company. 


There are various visas available depending on your purpose and length of time in the United States. Shaheen Law Firm can help determine which Visa best meets your needs.