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Criminal Law

If you are charged with a criminal or traffic offense in Virginia, our experienced criminal law attorneys will aggressively defend your rights. At Shaheen Law Firm we believe that everyone deserves his or her constitutional right to a fair trial. With our extensive experience, ethical values, and hard work, we always strive to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.   You are innocent until proven guilty, and our attorneys have experience ensuring that our clients are treated fairly by the government.  Our staff of criminal defense attorneys includes a former assistant attorney general, so we know what it takes to rigorously defend your rights.

We represent clients against charges ranging from misdemeanor traffic infractions, such as speeding, and misdemeanor drug possession to serious felony offenses.  We handle cases in both Federal and State courts throughout the Commonwealth, so wherever you are charged with a criminal offense in Virginia, please contact us to see how we may help you.  If one of our offices is not conveniently located in your area, we can travel to you.